Forensic Behavioral Associates

James H. Andrews, MSW, BCD, Forensic Social Worker


“ . . . He provided a wealth of information that helped me cross-examine the State’s expert psychologist more effectively.  . . .Mr. Andrews’ involvement in the case was pivotal in gaining my client an acquittal on all of the charges.” 
Attorney Steve Fitz, JD
Fairmont, WV

About Us

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Forensic Behavioral Associates provides expert witness and forensic consulting services to civil and criminal attorneys. We will work individually with counsel to support case development. With experience in the roles of therapist, administrator, educator and consultant, I am very familiar with the challenges and demands of translating the often technical and complicated language and theory of behavioral health into clear and plain language for juries to understand. 

The following services can be provided by Forensic Behavioral Associates:

· Assessment of alleged victim and their account.

· Assessment of alleged assailant and their account.

· Assessment of prior treatment & clinical documentation of alleged victim and assailant.

· Child abuse evaluation.

· Child custody evaluation.

· Sentence Mitigation analysis and report

· Analysis of opposing expert witness testimony.

· Crime scene photo analysis.

· Police and autopsy report analysis.

· Behavioral Health administration and services malpractice analysis.

· Professional ethics  and malpractice complaints.


Mr. Andrews will provide written and/or verbal summarization of foregoing analyses assessing strengths and weaknesses of relevant information in preparation for hearing or trial.

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