Forensic Behavioral Associates

James H. Andrews, MSW, BCD, Forensic Social Worker

Forensic Behavioral Associates offers an array of expert witness services.

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Service List

A Forensic Behavioral Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment presents a thorough analysis of a personís life. The Bio-Psycho-Social assessment is a social work tool that is used to explain human behavior within a social environment. It utilizes interviews, record reviews, expert consultation, research and literature reviews. The forensic behavioral element relates the Bio-Psycho-Social assessment to the individualís alleged criminal behavior or other legal issue.

Forensic Behavioral Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment

A sentence mitigation report presents a thorough analysis of a defendantís life. This is accomplished through the compilation of interviews with associates, friends and family members and an examination of all available documentation pertaining to the defendant: criminal justice, medical, educational, vocational and prior treatment episodes. All this information is investigated, evaluated, and presented in the report outlining the mitigating circumstances surrounding the crime.

Sentence Mitigation Analysis

Forensic Behavioral Associates will provide an assessment and evaluation of all treatment records and documentation related to the patientís treatment. This forensic clinical analysis will be reviewed in light of† applicable federal, state and county regulations along with relevant standards of care. An assessment of the quality of care and identification of omission in the standard of care will be provided.

Behavioral Malpractice: Patient suicide/wrongful death

Forensic Behavioral Associates will provide an assessment and evaluation of† opposing counselís expert witness report. This analysis will identify both strengths and weaknesses of the opposing counselís expert opinion along with any inconsistencies in the† professional standard of care asserted. Tactical recommendations for targeting weakness will be provided.

Rebuttal to Opposing Counselís Expert Witness